What is the problem with food integrity?

Artisan food in Britain is booming. There has never been more choice in locally produced food. The supermarkets are getting in on the act and even standardised food is packaged with a rustic, homemade feel.

There are some fantastic producers out there and this blog intends to be a place to celebrate the best of them. But food is not just about high-end, gourmet quality products. We can’t feed everyone on Foie-gras and Kobe beef. In the vast spectrum of food, information is the key and if you pay a premium for what you think is a good product then you should get something extra.

Unfortunately things are not so clear here. “Aged” or “matured” meat is not the same as “hung” meat. Do you want your beef injected with “maturing” chemicals? More to the point do you want to pay extra for it or would you prefer they left it alone in the first place?

Have you been led to believe “Organic” meat is free of Chemicals?

On the other hand, have you heard about the Highland Cattle fed on beer to enhance the meat flavour or the Tamworth Pigs that live all year in the woodland and really taste like it? Many of the genuine, quality producers share an obsessive pride in their system and the impact it has on the flavour of the produce. In the future we will be featuring some of the best of them while also exposing those pretending to be what they are not.

If you just want to support your local farmer then you probably don’t mind paying top end prices for exactly the same product that you bought last week in Tesco.

If, on the other hand, you think that when they tell you its Rare Breed meat or grass fed then it damn well should be, then I hope you will find this blog a useful tool in seeking out the best produce around.

If you are a genuine foodie, who loves the search for that gem of a product then you want to be sure that your getting what you paid for. Using my experience as an artisan meat producer I can open the door on the shortcuts people take and the paths that I try to avoid in producing what I consider to be a quality product.

In the end it comes down the integrity of the producer and the honesty of the marketing story and packaging. I don’t want this to be a negative blog but it’s important to let people know how to make the most of their money.


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