Roll up, Roll up for the “natural” lamb fed on pea chemicals.

For high quality food producers like us, labelling is a big issue.  We go to great lengths to produce food that tastes amazing, that benefits the environment that we work and live in and safeguards the rare breeds of livestock native to this country. We charge a premium because our produce is of higher quality.

So it really winds one up when you see “environmental”, “Natural” or “green” food labelled in the supermarket, that you know perfectly well cannot be so. The scale of production needed for any supermarket precludes it. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s great TV series exposing the complete dishonesty in the labeling of oven ready chickens being a prime example of what goes on.

Even worse than this….I recently saw a massive industrial scale farm locally, selling their lambs on the basis that they are reared “naturally”. I happen to know the farm manager (who is a great guy socially), so I also know that they fatten their lambs on the remains of their vining peas. A crop that is so heavily sprayed with chemicals that they might as well be fed on DDT.

How on earth is this “natural”?

And why is it worse? ….. It’s worse because they claim to be “Local” and “Natural” when they farm using commercial breeds of livestock genetically manipulated for maximised growth with flavour never a consideration. It is basically the same lamb chop you see in the value section of the supermarket. There is nothing wrong with value food – it’s the ripping people off that grates. A true free market needs perfect information and I don’t see the trade descriptions sorting this out while the supermarkets hold them to ransom.

If you want some food you can really trust try these folk in beautiful west Herefordshire, farming a Countryside Restoration Trust farm.

Top quality stuff.


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