Square Pork Chops

Still thinking about those amazing wooly pigs.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with a chap from the British Pig Association. When he worked for a massive industrial pig unit he was producing loads of porkers for supermarkets (and I mean loads), he was actually asked “if they could breed the pigs to have a squarer loin so that the pork chops would fit on the shelves better?”. Wow!

Not wanting to disappoint their most important customer they started measuring the eye muscle depth of the loins with ultrasound equipment and used selective breeding to meet their customer’s request.

Now I might be biased but I think any selection should be on animal health first and then on flavour/quality.

I’m thinking you would be pretty safe that your Wooly Pig chops were free from this kind of unhelpful tampering.



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  1. 1

    Mutton Dressed as Lamb said,

    Only Just realised the Irony of an industrial scale pig producer churning out loads of “PORKERS”!


  2. 2

    […] the motivation for producing food is not nutrition or flavour but fat disposal regulations quantity and shape the result is not good […]

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