The Hungarian Wooly Pig

Just back from a Stag weekend in Hungary.

On the outbound easy jet flight there was a little article in the in-flight magazine about the Hungarian Wooly Pig, also known as the Mangalitsa Pig.


I had never heard of these pigs before but they are facinating. They have a darker meat than commercial pigs (similar to wild boar) that allows it to be air cured for up to three years!!!

This has to be one of the best examples of how rare breeds offer such diversity of taste for food lovers. Why have the same pork chop every time when you can try so many different varieties and flavours?

I must admit to being tempted to import these beauties as I can’t find any on the net in the UK.

As the popularity of rare breeds grows, I wonder if in the future we will have pig buffs to rival our wine buffs??????


Update: Just found this and this with some great pics. Although thses appear to be for breeding not eating! We’ll soon change that! “Eat to conserve” and all that.


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