Veal Issues

Veal has issues.


All those pictures of crates in Belgium (is that still a country?) on the news. I know it looked bad but a terrible thing is happening in this country every day. Thousands of dairy bull calves are being shot and incinerated before they get to 5 days old.

So this is my call to all non vegans.


Yes you veggies too with your glassy pallor and your self-satisfied eyebrows.

There are still people starving in the world and despite our constant bemoaning about how hard it will be next X-mas to only afford to buy 5 X-box games for little Johnny – THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE STARVING IN THE WORLD.

Now call me old fashioned, and despite the lies Govt statistics to “prove” it, being poor is not the same as having to drive a Hyundai. So it strikes me as pretty scandalous that truck loads of perfectly good food is destroyed every year.

Veal in Britain is having a bit of a renaissance and despite a previously dodgy reputation, now has some of the highest welfare standards of meat production around. Especially Rose Veal, the calves now live for over 6 months (more than most lambs) and are incredibly well looked after.

Courageous people like these are willing, not only to make the lives of these calves better but they also have to create the demand for their product as well as sell it. Not an easy job. At Boccadon Farm they even go to the lengths of monitoring the milk intake for each calf with clever computer things.

I’m not usually one for immature meat products but Rose Veal is delicious. Buy some now!  And if you’re a vegetarian who has not been “turned” by my faultless logic then at least become a Vegan and be consistent.



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