Mutton Salami dilemas


We are just experimenting with a few recipes for our two mutton salamis. In the past we have only produced high quality fresh meat. So the journey into product development and processing is new to us.

What it highlights is the choices that we have to make at each stage of the process and how they affect the integrity of our food. I think it is fair to say that our customers like to buy our Mutton because it tastes great, it’s local, helps wildlife and is product they can trust for their family.

When you make a Salami it is best to cut the fat from the meat you use and add pork fat instead. It gives a far better cure. You also have to consider the curing salts, spices and casings (like sausage skins either natural intestine or man made). We have decided, despite the cost, to go for organic pork fat, organic approved curing salt with a maximum of 0.6% concentration of sodium nitrite, organic beef casings and micro-ground purified spices to eliminate any risk of the cure failing.

I think this guarantees the “honesty” of the product and gives people confidence that we do really care about the food they buy from us and then eat.

In the mean time I am looking into sourcing some beef casings from people I know keep their cattle on grass year round.



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