Maintaining Quality


The other day I blogged of the joys of hay making.

The process is great but maintaining quality requires sacrifice and discipline. In particular sacrificing costs and discipline in not giving in to convenience.

These days it’s much easier to make hay in June. We rarely seem to get good July weather for making hay now. If we make hay in June it will still have the seeds in, so will be more calorific for the stock and will make them fatter.

However, if you don’t wait until after about mid July then the wild flowers don’t set seed. Over 4 or 5 years you lose the wildlfowers and so lose some of what makes the meadow (and the meat) special.

While it creates more worry and less yield the later option protects and produces something special  – Beautiful flowers and Delicious meat.




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    […] this snow is affecting our production. With the best will in the world feeding species rich hay is not enough to fatten sheep in snow […]

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