Lambing Time is nearly upon us

With all the sheep in the barns it reminds me that lambing is soon upon us.

When feeding the sheep there is no better sight than a row of bodies happily feeding – sheep always look happy when feeding.

When it’s cold outside – and it has been really cold – the extra warmth of the sheep in the barns makes them feel cosy and secure. Watching all your prize ewes sitting comfortably on a fresh warm bed of straw, with a full belly and chewing their cud has a hypnotic and comforting feeling to it.

When things have been busy with lambing and you’re still in the barn in the early hours the lambing sheds seem quite serrene (until the next one starts lambing). I sometimes just sit on the straw and take it all in, picking up the contented vibes from all the contented sheep (and I have been known to fall asleep).

My grandfather didn’t believe stress existed – “all in the mind” – he used to say. But if it does I think an hour in the barn at lambing time would be better value than any “proffesional” help I can think of.



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