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You get out what you put in

You would have thought that since I produce the finest quality mutton and lamb that I would be pretty familiar with the above rule of thumb. You would have thought…

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Maintaining Quality


The other day I blogged of the joys of hay making.

The process is great but maintaining quality requires sacrifice and discipline. In particular sacrificing costs and discipline in not giving in to convenience.

These days it’s much easier to make hay in June. We rarely seem to get good July weather for making hay now. If we make hay in June it will still have the seeds in, so will be more calorific for the stock and will make them fatter.

However, if you don’t wait until after about mid July then the wild flowers don’t set seed. Over 4 or 5 years you lose the wildlfowers and so lose some of what makes the meadow (and the meat) special.

While it creates more worry and less yield the later option protects and produces something special  – Beautiful flowers and Delicious meat.



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Making Hay

We are busy hay making at present.

Hay Making 2

 It’s a great time of year. Obviously if we are hay making then the sun is shining, the smell of cut hay “making” (drying) in the sun, the influx of people into the tranquility of the farm, the sudden hussle and bussle, panic when things go wrong to the final relief when next years food is in the barn. The hay smells warm in the barn, and more relaxed as we relax.  A few jars of cider with the helpers on a warm sunny evening in the English countryside and I know that what ever the weather brings I can feed my stock. Harvest is over for us this year.

Is there a better job in the world?

Ask me three weeks into lambing…..


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