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Milk from Cloned Cows – Is this what people want?

I’m often asked what my thoughts are on things like GM and Cloning by non-farming friends and colleagues.

In short:

  • I believe in choice for the consumer, so if it is really what people want then fine.


  • It is unecessary because “traditional” advances in yields are already outgrowing population forecasts anyway.


  • Massive potential for single genome plants/animals to be susceptable to single diseases/pathogens – Genetic variation is a massive benefit in disease protection. Imagine if all british dairy cows were cloned from the same cow and all died – not good for food security.


  • If we routinely clone other animals how long before we start to justify others like……Humans? That can’t be good!

However, because of the lobbying pressure and widespread research these genes are creeping into our livestock and plant sectors anyway through sale of bulls and semen and cross pollination. So do we really know that our commodity level food is GM or Clone free now?

No we don’t.

This gives a small producer like me a slight dilema of conscience. . . .

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Has food labelling had its day?


The internet is changing business. Both of Chris Anderson’s brilliant books The Long Tail and Free are a pretty awakening experience, it’s like having your eyes opened to, literally, a world of opportunity. You can now get Chris’ book free of charge on Google books, but in a world of “Free” how do you make money?

The the local/high quality food sector is growing rapidly in this country as the Internet helps niche producers to find their corresponding niche consumers, or rather be found by them. What this part of the food industry currently lacks to push it over the edge is:

1. A suitable distribution newtork, like the kind that already existed for books and films before Amazon


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Why we will not be putting ourselves in the “Honest Food Hall of Fame”

We now have a grand total of 1 producer!!! in our Honest Food Hall of Fame.

However, we feel it inappropriate to place our own business in this category (although we are confident we qualify). The obvious conflict of interest apart, we want to celebrate all great local food producers and to do that we need to avoid being seen as self-promoters.

Feel free to visit our website if you wish but we will not be promoting our own meat through this blog.

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